5 Tips to Stay Healthy While You’re On-the-Go

Traveling and being on-the-go are often necessary parts of life, especially as we grow older. But being away from home shouldn’t get in the way of your health and fitness goals, no matter the circumstances. Here are 5 simple, effective tips to help you keep healthy while on-the-go!

Let’s face it, life can get pretty hectic at times, especially when you’re away from home have limited down time. Unfortunately, this often leads to people overlooking their health by skipping out on exercise and eating an imbalanced diet. After all, it’s become increasingly hard to pick out healthy foods when fast food joints and sit-down restaurants are all about taste over nutrition. Moreover, finding a gym in an unknown location can be tough, and they aren’t always accommodating.

However, just because you’re on-the-go and/or traveling doesn’t mean you can’t still achieve your health and fitness goals. In fact, many people work travel-based jobs while maintaining a healthy lifestyle and keeping in great shape. You might be thinking, “What’s their secret? How do I manage to eat a healthy diet and proper exercise plan if I’m away from home?” Read on as this article will give you some simple, effective tips to remedy unhealthy travel woes.

One of the most effective, if not obvious, solutions to keeping on a healthy diet while away from home is to prepare several days worth of food ahead of time. In this case, Tupperware is going to be your best friend, same with foods that keep at room temperature for a few hours.

When you cook your meals ahead of time, you’re essentially removing the need to look for restaurants or prepackaged foods when you’re on-the-go. Moreover, many options are available for storing large amounts of food while traveling and keeping it cool. As long as you can keep perishable food moderately cold until you get to a hotel room (with a fridge) then you shouldn’t have any issues.

The main thing is to keep your food selection simple with options like oats, rice, raw vegetables, etc…, all of which keep for many hours even if not refrigerated. Things like dairy and animal meats should definitely be refrigerated or at least kept in a cooler as long as possible before finding a hotel/resting spot with a fridge. If you don’t have that option, opt for protein sources from supplemental powders, like whey protein and casein protein.

Carry ready-to-drink shakes and protein bars. Being on-the-go can often mean being severely limited for time to sit down and eat a meal you have prepared/packed. In these instances, ready-to-drink shakes and protein bars, such as Lean Body RTD and Lean Body Protein Bars are superb options to get the quality nutrients you need, quickly.

The reality is many people simply can’t avoid the occasional need to eat out when away from home. But don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your health. Even eating healthy at fast food restaurants is doable with some simple requests and menu navigation. The first thing is to peruse the restaurant’s food choices and look for a “lite” or “healthy” options section, which is becoming more prominent. Generally, that section will have meal options that are significantly lower in calories (and higher in protein). It’s even a law now in most states that restaurants provide the calorie content of all of their food options.

Furthermore, if you see an option on the menu that looks healthy with a few minor exceptions, simply request to have those exceptions omitted. For example, McDonald’s has a grilled chicken wrap that typically comes with cheese and dressing, both of which you can ask for them remove. Ultimately, you’re left with a decent high protein and moderate carbohydrate option. At any restaurant, don’t be afraid to request modifications to your meals. Even small things like asking for your vegetables to be steamed as opposed to fried in butter/oil is usually something the cooks will do for you.

Sometimes traveling means that access to traditional commercial gyms is not an option, but being active doesn’t always mean going to a gym. Even simple things like doing cardio outdoors are possible pretty much no matter where you are (if you’re resourceful). Find a nearby open field at a park and go for a run and do some bodyweight exercises like push-ups and squats.

Moreover, many hotels have gyms with select pieces of equipment. Even if they don’t have all the machines you’d like to use, “something”beats the heck out of sitting around all day.

When away from home, maximizing your downtime is key. I you’re flying, on a train, taking the bus, or a passenger on a long road trip, be sure to use those times as opportunities to rest. Napping, even for 15 to 20 minutes, can greatly boost your energy levels and keep you refreshed for the day. Better yet, it will make the commute time fly by.

Even when not commuting, a nap can benefit your well-being. Some folks even go so far as to bring a pillow to their work and take a nap when they get a break. While it may seem a little “over-the-top”, it will undoubtedly help your productivity and performance.

They always say that failing to plan is planning to fail, and that absolutely applies to traveling. Do your research before you take your trip so you know what the destination has to offer for grocery stores, lodging, gyms, restaurants, etc… This will help you prepare accordingly and figure out what you’ll be able to do on your trip.

Nothing is worse than getting somewhere and having no clue what you’re going to do for food and keeping active (especially if it’s a long trip). Make sure to give yourself ample to prep everything too; being in a pinch when packing for a trip almost always results in stress and forgetting crucial things.

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