Girls Have Guns Too: 4 Must-Do Arm Exercises

Curls are for the girls, but why do so many avoid them? Having a voluptuous, toned lower body is great, but your arms need some love too. Check out 4 arm exercises you can start today to begin sculpting your guns.

You know what’s funny?

Opposite sexes tend to focus on opposite parts of the body when they hit the weight room.

When the guys hit the weights, they become obsessed with sculpting their arms, shoulders, and chest. When the ladies get to lifting, their focus tends to be on everything below the belt: glutes, hamstrings, quads, and calves. Although you could bounce a quarter off your behind, your arms are jealous of all the attention your lower half has been getting.

Let’s give your guns the time and effort that they deserve. After all, most dresses in your closet give you the right to bare arms (see what I did there?). It’s time that you sculpted them in a way that they can be showcased. Read on to see what 4 arm exercises should be implemented into your workouts as soon as possible.

Overhead Cable Tricep Extension
Although working the biceps might seem like the safe bet when you’re trying to give your arms a good workout, the tricep is actually a larger muscle group than the bicep.

Why does that matter?

Well, since the tricep takes up more space on your arm, if it goes ignored, your arm won’t be well balanced in tone or strength. Giving the tricep a little more love will pay larger dividends in the long run because of it’s higher ratio.

This tricep extension variation will have you begin with the cable at its lowest slot or setting. Pull the rope upward, turn your back to the machine, put your elbows by your ears and let your hands and the rope sit behind your head. From this starting position, keep your elbows locked in place using them as a hinge to pull the rope above your head. Lower the rope back down to it’s starting position and you have yourself your first rep.

This particular exercise is great because the tension of the cables coming from behind your head will help your form stay in tip top shape. With other variations of the tricep extension form can get sloppy, whereas this move allows you to keep your muscles engaged and your form on point.

Recommendation for reps and sets: Do 4 sets of 8 reps, with the last set followed by a drop set (8 reps at 60-70% of the weight used during your sets).

Concentration Curl
Just because the tricep takes up more room on your arm doesn’t mean that we’re going to ignore your biceps entirely. This exercise will give it the focus that it needs for your biceps to pop.

There are different variations of the concentration curl, so whichever form fits you and your workout space best should be the one you go with. In any case, the benefit of this exercise comes from the concentration you give solely to your bicep muscle. In many other bicep exercises, you end up working more than just the bicep. With concentration curls, all of your energy will be devoted to using your bicep to bring the weight up and down.

Whichever form you choose, be sure that the following criteria are met:

Your upper arm is supported and immobile by placing it on your arm or a piece of equipment.

You’re using a weight that you can successfully lift without swinging your arm up and down. Slow and controlled movement is necessary in order for the exercise to be most effective.

• Your elbow is used as a hinge so that the weight goes up and down without other unnecessary movement from the rest of your body.

Recommendation for reps and sets: 1 set of 15 reps with a lightweight, 1 set of 10 reps with a moderate weight, and 1 set of 6 reps with a heavier weight. Once you complete these three sets, return to the original weight (the one used for 15 reps) and do a burnout set.

Close Grip Bench Press, Skull Crusher Combo
This combination movement will hit your triceps at a couple of different angles, as well as giving some attention to your chest and shoulders.

The close grip bench press is exactly as it sounds: lying flat on a bench, you will press up a barbell, but with your grip just a bit more narrow than shoulder width apart.

The skull crusher movement is very similar to the movement you created with the overhead cable tricep extension from above, the only difference is that you will be lying horizontally instead of standing vertically. Your elbows will still serve as a hinge as you lower and raise the bar, bringing it from directly above your face, to the top of your head, then back again.

The combination of the two movements is where this exercise gets fun. You’re going to want to choose lighter weights to put on the bar–or just the bar, itself–because your arms will be burning by the time you’re done.

Recommendation for reps and sets: This exercise will have a progression of reps as you move your way through the set:
1 rep close grip bench press, 1 rep skull crusher
2 reps close grip bench press, 2 reps skull crusher
3 reps close grip bench press, 3 reps skull crusher
4 reps close grip bench press, 4 reps skull crusher
5 reps close grip bench press, 5 reps skull crusher
• 5 reps close grip bench press, 5 reps skull crusher
• 4 reps close grip bench press, 4 reps skull crusher
• 3 reps close grip bench press, 3 reps skull crusher
• 2 reps close grip bench press, 2 reps skull crusher
• 1 rep close grip bench press, 1 rep skull crusher

Hope that you can feel your arms when this one’s over!

Hammer Curl
The hammer curl is an amazing exercise for your bicep because it hits your arms in a subtly different way than most bicep curls that you’ll perform.

The trick is in your grip of the dumbbell that you choose to use. By turning your wrists so that they are parallel to each other, you will be varying the targeted zone of the bicep that you’re exercising. In the majority of bicep curls your palms face up, which targets the “bump” of your bicep. The hammer curl grip works the brachialis and the brachioradialis which are muscle groups that are further down your arm and support the elbow joint.

I know all the scientific words don’t sound sexy, but the result of doing some hammer curls sure is!

Recommendation for reps and sets: 3 sets of 8 reps with appropriate weight.

5. Alternate Lunges
This exercise will continue to work the lower body after you’ve just hit your glutes a bit with the squat thrusts. Either with dumbbells or a medicine ball, step forward so that your knee is directly above your ankle, bending at a 90-degree angle. Once you’ve hit this position, explode through your front foot and off of the back foot to return to standing position. Repeat this about 10-15 times for each leg.

These 4 exercises will bring the best out of those arms of yours in any outfit you choose to show them off in. Don’t fret about growing gargantuan arms that don’t match your body; these exercises will leave you with strong, toned arms that complement the rest of your physique.

Let us know which exercises you liked most!

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